Classical Voice

Classical voice might be better described as knowing how to use your voice in a healthy way instead of working to become an Opera singer!

(Fun fact - Vibrato is a word that gets a bad rap in the Contemporary Commercial music world, yet every healthy voice has it.  Psst!  It's the wide vibrato that our ears aren't crazy about, and guess what?  It's not healthy for the voice either!) 

Opera is a skill set that takes many years to master, and like Scotch, it is an acquired taste.

The benefits of learning from Classical vocal technique as well as the vocal techniques of Musical Theatre, and the stylings of Pop, Jazz, Folk and Country is that it's a great way to start building the foundation of your voice from the ground up.

This does not mean that when you start voice lessons, you begin to sound like an Opera singer-It's your voiceand it's up to you how you want it to sound. 

It's my job to help you get there.  

I love Opera, and studied it for many years, along with Art Song, and continue to perform Art Song and what some would consider Opera with the new works that I help to debut for serious music composers.  

I grew up, however, with Jazz, and sang and played as a key member of a Vancouver rock band for 9 years as well, and have tried my hand as a singer-songwriter as well, so I do understand the vital differences between each style of music. 

More importantly, I know how to teach you to apply these stylistic changes in a healthy way so that you can sing well into your senior years. 

That's important as we all want to be our best version of our voices, and that comes with having both a healthy respect and desire to sound like the style of music you admire. 

Let me help you on that path.