Contemporary Voice

Contemporary Voice - what's that?!

I'm glad you asked.  This would be pop, country, folk, and it can also involve some Jazz.

(Jazz is much more complex musically but no one music is "better" than the other).

It's the music that you listen to for fun, relaxation, when you're having a bad day and you go to Spotify or any other music app that tracks your tastes and..unfortunately through algorithms sends you more of the same. 

(A little history lesson - Radio stations used to do the same thing.  It's just that the process was more transparent as you knew what music you were listening to as it was advertised as a "rock" or "country" or "jazz" or "folk" station. ) 

Is this a bad thing?  No, not really If you know that is what is happening.  Many don't.

If, however,  you want to expand your voice, as well as your musical ears, it's a must to work your voice beyond your speaking range.

Is it comfortable to stay in your speaking range?  Sure! 

Is it a great part of your voice to sing in when trying to get a baby to sleep or to self-soothe?  You bet! has its' disadvantages if you only stay in that range. 

It's important to keep your singing and speaking voice in shape so it can be supple, agile, and able to soar excitedly up an octave, or find a beautiful sultry tone in those smoky jazz ballads or those thrilling rock anthems.   Now, that's where the fun begins! 

Interested?  Intrigued?  Needing help to get back to that voice?  Let's begin!